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The Helical Pile Association & CHANCE™ (Hubbell Power Systems) Combines Digital Media and Online Technology to Provide Installation Certifications and Continuing Education to the Network of Loyal CHANCE Installers

Oct 31, 2011

Members of the Helical Pile Association (HPA) and the CHANCE Alliance Network now have the opportunity to begin (or continue) their certification process with the Online CHANCE University. These days, anyone in business understands the need to keep up with the latest processes, techniques and standards. However, finding the time to access training and educational materials is often difficult, if not nearly impossible to do and typically involves lost-work-time and other expenses. Now CHANCE installers can receive the necessary training and continuing education to maintain their certification and competitive advantage on their own time between projects and at their own pace.

Certification is mandatory for CHANCE installers of Helical and Resistance product. Completion of the online CHANCE University, in conjunction with hands-on Field Training, finalizes the certification process. Only certified CHANCE Installers carry a card bearing their signature representing their knowledge of CHANCE construction materials and their commitment to using safe installation techniques. And only certified CHANCE installers can offer the industry-base CHANCE 30 Year “Peace of Mind” Warranty.

By providing this technology and convenience, the HPA and CHANCE look to reinforce the fact that these individuals are the most highly qualified and well versed installers in the industry. And in addition to these online training resources, engineering support is available through CHANCE and the Association’s “Spec Assist” Network to help Members with proper job planning or tackling complex jobs.

About Helical Pile Association:

The purpose of the Helical Pile Association is to advance helical pile and resistance piering technology within both the engineering community and construction industry, as well as to provide homeowners a link to quality foundation repair solutions. Through its partnership with A.B. Chance and Hubbell Power Systems, HPA provides in-depth resources to help those within the industry become more accustomed to helical and resistance products and the advantages they can provide.

Through interaction with its members, the HPA strives to provide continuing education on such important topics as new installation techniques, improving jobsite safety and many other issues they may encounter. The Helical Pile Association is partnered with the largest manufacturer of helical and resistance products in the world, A.B. CHANCE, a division of Hubbell Power Systems.

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Helical Pile Association Awards 2010 HPA Star Awards At Annual Convention in Scottsdale, AZ

Mar 18, 2011 – The Helical Pile Association, an international association dedicated to advancing helical pile and resistance piering technology within both the engineering community and
foundation repair and construction industry recently held its annual award ceremony for its membership in Scottsdale, Arizona at the CAN 2011, the CHANCE Alliance Network International Conference and Seminar Workshop.

The annual event featured the 2010 HPA Star Awards, which honored installer member companies who had displayed business acumen in various categories including business excellence, marketing excellence, operations efficiency, sales growth and innovation.

“Good information...great networking…I learned a lot”
Casey G. / Idaho

The event was attended by nearly 200 members representing 95 foundation repair companies in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.  Awards were received by 26 different companies in who achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Level status in 2010.

CAN 2011 also offered all in attendance the opportunity to network with other members of the HPA/Chance Alliance family.  In addition, multiple seminar sessions were held that encompassed such current topics as industry specific Operations Management, Financing Strategies and Installation Techniques just to name a few.

“A useful exchange of information and ideas…well organized…I look forward to the next one.”  
Jere V. / Canada

The event represented the strongest names in the foundation repair and construction industry and the largest network of its kind found anywhere in the world.

For more information about the Helical Pile Association or to become a member, please contact Jim Vaccaro at

Helical Pile Association Launches New Website With Network of Partners

September 23, 2010 -- The Helical Pile Association has just launched a new website with more advanced features in order to support a larger membership of construction and engineering industry professionals.

The association was formed to help increase awareness about helical and resistance products for both the construction industry and homeowners alike. The more familiar with these systems they become, the better equipped they will be to make informed decisions regarding the benefits of using helical and resistance products whatever the foundation application may be.

Helical Pile is a pre-engineered product that can be used for both commercial and residential foundations in a variety of soil conditions, including weak surfaces, soft clay, sand, and high water tables. They are manufactured in such a way that allows them to be screwed into the soil instead of auguring, a method that causes less soil disturbance.

The Helical Pile Association’s new website has been updated and redesigned to offer helpful new tools to their membership of foundation repair experts who install and distribute the Chance and Atlas foundation repair products. Some of added benefits of the new site include  detailed case studies, technical specs and locations of foundation specialists in your area.

Foundation installers  who are members of the Association will also gain access to seminars and other valuable tools that help increase their awareness and usage of the products.  The Association is confident that the newly updated website will be highly beneficial to all construction and engineering industry professionals, and they are looking forward to a great year in 2011.

About The Helical Pile Association:
The Helical Pile Association is an association for construction and engineering industry professionals specializing in the use of helical and resistance products.  Membership currently covers the North American continent, the Caribbean and parts of Europe.

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