Helical Underpinning

For stabilizing foundations or retrofitting to increase load capacity, piles are installed at intervals around the perimeter at the affected locations. Independent of the structure, the piles are extended to depths which attain the installing torque that correlates with the required load bearing capacity.

Special brackets are placed around the perimeter and secured to the concrete foundation. A pile is then torqued into the soil and connected to each corresponding bracket. The brackets permit lifting by hydraulic jacks. Tightening the nuts on the vertical bolts of the bracket locks off the load.

Both the CHANCE® Helical Pile and the Atlas Resistance® Pier systems have been time-tested as being the most effective in their class and are manufactured at the strictest standards possible.


  • Ability to reach competent soil below active zone
  • Predictable torque-to-capacity ratio
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Loads may be immediately applied
  • Installs in limited access locations
  • Installs in any weather condition